Measure UP

Brother Knights,

Each year the Council sends Measure UP donations received locally to the State K of C which is then returned to programs for “Special Needs Person” programs in both Delphos schools.

Usually we collect after Mass but this year we will be asking for donations by mail.

The Delphos Knights of Columbus are collecting funds for the Measure-Up Campaign. This has been a flagship charity that our council has been helping for many years, with funds collected going to both programs at Delphos Jefferson and Delphos St. Johns.

Each member was asked to donate $5 with their dues. In addition, donations can be sent to:  

K of C Measure-Up 
P. O. Box 182 
Delphos, OH 45833 

You can also donate online by selecting the amount of donation by clicking on the amount box and choosing the method of payment below. The Knights and all the young students that are helped by this campaign thank you.

Delphos Knights of Columbus Annual “Measure UP” campaign.