Delphos Knights of Columbus

2022 Super Cash Bonanza

Ticket Sales

Tickets are $5 each
Deadline for ticket return is Thursday, May 5, 2022
Drawing to be held Saturday, May 21, 2022

Click the ticket to go to our PayPal Donation page for purchasing your 2022 Super Cash Bonanza tickets. Receive one ticket (receipt with ticket number will be emailed to you) for every $5 donated.

Dear Members,

Super Cash Bonanza is the Ohio State Council’s annual Charity Campaign. The income from the Charity Campaign provides a significant amount of funding for our many charitable donations that are given to our church, school systems and community projects. The campaign is funded through our ticket sales – so member knights are encouraged to help support our council and sell or purchase their tickets.

We will not be mailing them out to all the members this year, instead we ask you to please respond back to this email and let us know how many tickets you would like and we will drop them off or mail them to you.

The simplest way to purchase tickets online is to Venmo $5 per ticket to @Michael-Kahny and I will email you back an image of your tickets with your ticket numbers. You can use the PayPal button above to purchase your tickets but there is about a 50 cent fee charged from PayPal. We kindly request you to click the “I’d like to add to my donation to help offset the cost of processing fees” check box when purchasing your tickets with PayPal.

There are over $108,000 worth of prizes to be awarded.  The proceeds are used to help support:

  • Diocesan Vocation Programs
  • Diocesan Seminarians
  • Our Veterans
  • Diocesan Religious Education
  • Catholic High School Education
  • Diocesan And State Charities
  • … and many other charitable causes

The Delphos Council will again be offering free yearly dues to any member who sells 20 or more tickets. Also the hall has generously offered 5 drink tokens for those who sell 20 or more tickets and 10 drink tokens for anyone who sells 30 ore more tickets. The member who sells the most tickets will receive one free year of dues and 20 drink tokens.


1st Prize: $49,680 – Payable $414/Month for 10-Years!

2nd Prize: $18,780 – Payable $313/Month for 5-Years!

3rd Prize: $12,720 – Payable $212/Month for 5-Years!

And even more prizes!

4th Prize: $4,000

5th Prize: $3,000

6th-9th Prizes: $1,500

10th-13th Prizes: $1,250

14th-17th Prizes: $1,000

18th-21st Prizes: $750

22nd-25th Prizes: $500