Fraternal Benefits

Blessed Michael McGivney founded the Knights to help protect Catholic families from financial ruin.

Beyond offering our members and their families exclusive access to our portfolio of products, did you know the Knights also provides additional fraternal benefits that help members plan for the future?

Working with your Knights of Columbus agent, you can receive a comprehensive, custom and complimentary financial needs analysisthat will help you know where you stand.

That’s right, complimentary.

As a member, your financial needs analysis is free. Many other companies charge for this kind of service. We don’t and never have.

How does it work? Your agent uses industry-leading software, along with the specifics of your own situation, and his own experience and knowledge to piece together a comprehensive picture of where you stand. You’ll see your gaps, and have a better sense of what you need to begin preparing for.

It’s a great fraternal benefit that’s part of our continued commitment to our founder’s vision of helping Catholic families protect each other.

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